Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

Ryders Membership 

Dragon Pass - FREE Trial 

Free 28 day trial for people new to the sport or were not with a club during the 2022/23 season.  The Dragon pass 28 day trial commences the day you register and cannot be extended.


Junior (10-17)*

$210 - includes a club fee of $150 plus DBNSW/AusDBF fee of $60.

*NSW Active Kids vouchers can be used


Youth (18-24) 

$350 - includes a club fee of $254 plus DBNSW/AusDBF fee of $96.






Adults (over 24) 

$500 - includes a club fee of $380 plus DBNSW/AusDBF fee $120




Fee breakdown:

There are changes this year to how you pay. All DBNSW/AusDBF fees must be paid by debit/credit card via the online link (merchant fees apply).

- If you would like to pay both the Club and DBNSW/AusDBF by debit/credit card - select the invoice with the full amount (eg. Adult $500 being $380 club + $120 DBNSW/AusDBF)

- If you would like to pay the Club componant of your fees by bank transfer (separate from the DBNSW/AusDBF fees) or have a NSW Active Kids Voucher then select the option with $0 Club fee (eg. Adult $120 being $0 Club + $120 DBNSW/AusDBF). After you have registered and paid your DBNSW/AusDBF fee online, you will be upgraded and receive a new invoice to pay the Club fee (e.g. $380 for Adult membership).  

Club fees - Includes an amount towards our running costs (DBNSW Club Fees, Insurance etc) as well as race entry fees to most regattas (does not include Australian championships)

DBNSW/AusDBF fees - includes insurance cover for limited personal accident, public liability and professional indemnity during activities sanctioned by AusDBF and state bodies such as training, regattas, meetings, travel to and from activities (domestic), fundraising, sweeping, coaching, etc. Note: Dragon Pass membership also includes this insurance.

After completing the appropriate registration form below you will recieve an invoice to pay the full invoice by debit/credit card (merchant fees apply)


If you have never registered with a dragon boat club before or never held a dragon pass please select "NEW MEMBER" below.

If you have been in a dragon boat club previously or held a dragon pass select "RETURNING MEMBER"  below


*NSW Active Kids Voucher details can be emailed to and the value will be applied to the invoice. Payment will be required for the remaining amount (if any).


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