Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Q. Do i need to be fit to start paddling?

A. No. Everyone is welcome regardless of current fitness level. Whether you're already fit or looking to get fit, new to paddling or have paddled before... we welcome everyone of all ages and abilities. 


Q. Do i need my own paddle?

A. No. We provide paddles for regattas and training that all members have access to. Members can use these for as long as they want. If you want to buy your own paddle there are many sites which we can recommend.


Q. What if i can't swim/Do i need to wear a PFD?

A. If you can't swim 50m fully clothed (the length of an olympic swimming pool) and/or if you're not a confident swimming you must wear a PFD. These are supplied by the club for everyone to use.


Q. What social events do you do?

A. Our social events include brunch after weekend training, Christmas and end of season parties and post regatta drinks.


Q. Are you a competitive club?

A. Yes. We compete at every regatta including State and Australian Championships.


Q. What is a sweep?

A. The Sweep is the person steering the boat. They stand on the back and are the ones responsible for the safety of everyone in the boat. Be sure to listen to your sweep at all times. They will give instructions throughout the session and that paddlers must be ready to act on. Your Sweep may or may not also be the coach running the session.


Q. Can i bring a friend to try?

A. Absolutely! Just get them to fill in the Dragon Pass before arriving. This gives them 28 days free paddling with us and also covers them for insurance during their trial.


Q. How many times can i try paddling before deciding to join?

A. On our Dragon Pass you can paddle with us for 28 days for free. During this time you can attend all training sessions and even racing in any regattas that fall in that 28 days.


Q. What is included in membership fees?

A. Your membership fees include access to every training session and most regattas in the season (a small number of regattas are an additional cost). You will also have access to the club paddles and PFD's.


Q. When does the season run?

A. The racing season runs from August to April every year. We also train on reduced sessions during the off season (May - July). Your membership fees cover the entire year from 1st July - 30th June so you can train as often as you want.


Q. What opportunities are there for development/progression in the sport?

A. There are many opportunies for progression and development on your Dragon Boat journey. You can try out for Regional, State and the Australia teams. You can learn to Sweep and Coach. And you can volunteer your time helping our at regattas, club fundraising events or by joining the board or a subcomittee to help run the club.


Training Questions

Q. What time do i need to arrive for training?

A. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before training times to help get the boats out and set up for training.


Q. What should i expect at training?

A. At training we will run various drills to train for the next regatta. Sometimes we will have a technique session to go back to the basics of mastering our stroke. But at all times please refrain from giving technique tips to other paddlers. Only coaches coach in the boat.


Q. What should i bring to training?

A. Wear regular gym clothes, shoes you dont mind getting wet, a hat, drink bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen. Plus a towel and change of clothes for after (you'll probably get wet!)


Q. What is expected of members at training?

A. It is expected that all members help set up the boats before training and put away the boats at the end of the session. It is also expected all members treat each other with respect.


Regatta Questions

Q. What should i expect at regattas?

A. Regatta days are long and exciting! We will arrive early in the morning to claim our spot. Then we will race all day in various categories and at the end of the day we'll head to the pub for post regatta drinks. The days are long and you might find yourself with a large gap between races. Please remember to pay attention to what race number your in and tell your boat leader if you're wandering away from the team camp.


Q. What should i bring to regattas?

A. Wear regular gym clothes, shoes you dont mind getting wet, a hat, drink bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen. Plus a towel and change of clothes for after. If you own your own paddle/PFD bring those as well. Pack plenty of water and food for the day.


Q. What should i eat at regattas?

A. Eat light. You don't want to eat any heavy food on regatta day. Bring fruit, nuts, sandwiches, lollies and plenty of water or electrolye drinks.


Q. What divisions do you race in?

A. We race in Premier (open age), Senior A (40 years and up), Senior B (50 years and up), Juniors (11-17 years), 24U (18-24 years). In all these divisions we may race in Mixed, Womens and Opens categories.


Q. What are the State Championships and Australian Championships and can i compete?

A. The State Championships are the last regatta in the NSW official racing calendar each season. The Australian Championships (AusChamps) is the final regatta in the National racing calendar. This event is held in a different state each season. All members are able to compete in both these regattas.


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