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Ryders Board


Corina Wotherspoon - Chair 

I have been involved with dragon boating for 10 years and I'm passionate about bringing dragon boating to the Ryde Community. I've held a few club Board roles ranging from Chair (Ryde), President and Admin Director (previous club).  Giving back to the sport is important to me and I've been a State Team manager and the Sydney Metro Team Manager for Region vs Region.  Whilst I enjoy competing at all levels, my absolute favourite racing is the corporate racing at Lunar New Year.  I've been involved in training numerous corporate crews and it brings me so much joy watching them have such a good time on the day, dragon boating is definitely a team bonding sport!





George Dimech - Operations Director

I love the water ways and fishing. I have a boat licence and a 5m boat which I don't take out enough. I have been in the building trade as a plumber for 45 years and come in contact with many situations that can be very risky if not approached in the correct manner. I have been in the Operations Director role for many years, and I keep a keen eye out for anything that may cause harm to anyone. Maintaining the boats and equipment is an ongoing job. I like to build and repair things, so it makes it easy and injury free. I check all the grounds where we walk every time we take the boats out, I also check what the water is like before we launch the boats. I keep a close check on the weather every training session. All of this is supported in our risk management plan. 

In my role, I liaise with City of Ryde Council and Councillors regarding our site and requirements. I'm now also representing Ryde DBC on the City of Ryde's - Sport, Recreation and Leisure Working Group.

I'm passionate about keeping a safe environment for our members.


Fiona Wells - Finance Director 

I've been involved with dragon boating for 19 years and I'm passionate about growing the sport. As a founding member of Ryde DBC, I'm really enjoying bringing dragon boating to the Ryde Community. I've held numerous club Board roles ranging from Chair, Vice President, Recruitment Director and Finance Director in three different dragon boat clubs. I was also elected as the Administration Director for a year on the Dragon Boats NSW Board. In each position I've enhanced Club Governance and streamlined processes, drawing on my experience as a team leader, business analyst, internal auditor and Bookkeeper. 

I am also keen to seek learning opportunities and was a successful applicant in the SportAus Women Leaders in Sport skilling program with a series of 7 weekly workshops in May/June 2022. I also was a scholarship recipient in Aug 2022 with the Sport NSW Female Leaders – Get on Board Program, a pilot program targeted at aspiring female leaders. The program combined the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Foundations for Not-For-Profit Directors Course and Board Readiness Workshop. I am enjoying putting these great learning opportunities into practice with our Board and Club.




Nicole Guyer - Administration Director

I started paddling in 2022 as a way to keep up my fitness, try something new and meet new people and I was hooked after my first regatta while still a Dragon Pass (free trial) Member! It’s a sport like no other I have tried and I love seeing new paddlers come down to try and after a few sessions get hooked to the sport. Since joining the board in July 2022 as Recruitment Director I have enjoyed watching the club grow and all of the enthusiasm from our members and support from our local community has been amazing! I moved into the Administration role in July 2023 and am still amazed at watching our club grow.

I am proud to be a part of Ryde Dragon Boat Clubs founding years. 





Emma-Louise Moore - Recruitment Director 

Growing up i did alot of sport and strength training and when I moved to Australia in February 2022, I only knew 3 people - very lonely. In September 2022 my partners colleague invited us to Rydes Come and Try session. I was hooked immediately! And now you can't get me off the boat :) 

It is a fantastic, competitive and social sport for all ages, genders and abilities. It was, at first a great way to make friends, and after my first regatta it definitely brought back the competitive streak! 




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