Representation Opportunities

Representation Opportunities

There are several opportunities each season for keen paddlers to take their journey further. 

Paddlers can try out for Regional, State and National representation.

Regional representation - This includes trying out for the Sydney Metro team to represent our region of NSW in the Region V Region regatta. This is a one off regatta each season. Sydney Metro (our region) won this regatta in the 2022/23 season!






State representation - This includes trying out for the NSW State Team. This team races on day three of the AusChamps (The National Championship regatta held at the end of each season). Again this is a one off competition that the team competes in. Paddlers can try out every season for the NSW State Team.





National representation - The Australian dragon boat team is called the Auroras. Every year there is a new campaign (an overseas competition) that paddlers can try out for. Paddlers will try out for the Auroras, and if successful, spend 4-6 months training with the Auroras program, as well as with thier own club and then travel internationally to race in the Green and Gold. This is also a one off competition and if Paddlers wish to race with Auroras again, they must try out for the next campaign.













In 2023 we had 6 Ryde Dragon Boat Club Members in various Auroras Teams. 


Trying out for a representative team is open to all paddlers of all ages regardless of experience level. It's a fun and rewarding experience and exposes paddlers to people from other teams and other paddling styles.

For more information speak to some of the coaches at training! Ryders has many paddlers who have competed with representative teams and are happy to share their experiences with you.



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